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Get ready for ISO 56001
Innovation Management System


What is it?

An innovation management system is a framework for any organization that wants to strengthen its innovation capabilities and boost innovation performance.

Why now?

The world’s first certifiable standard for innovation management systems, ISO 56001, will be published in 2024. Can it help your organization to innovate more effectively?

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Understand what ISO 56001 is and why it is essential.

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Learn the fundamentals of innovation management.

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Implement ISO 56001 in your organization.

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Understand - Learn - Implement

1. Understand

What is ISO 56001?

The international standard ISO 56001 specifies the requirements for implementing and continually improving a management system for innovation efforts in an organization.

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Get the free Amplify guidebook for an introduction to ISO 56001 and its benefits.

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News about the development and adoption of innovation management systems and related standards.

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2. Learn

Learn systematic innovation management

Innovation management standards support a systematic and systems approach. Learn the fundamentals of creating favorable conditions and removing barriers for innovators and teams in your organization.

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Ask Ainno 

Ainno is your innovation management AI assistant. The assistant answers all your questions and gives you practical advice on everything related to systematic innovation management.

Boost competence in your organization

We can help you boost innovation management competence in your team and beyond. Explore our self-paced and blended learning training programs:

Organize a tailor-made online or onsite executive seminar, workshop, or training program for your team  –  from 2 hours and up.

Changing the Dynamics and Impact of Innovation Management

Read case studies

The book Changing the Dynamics and Impact of Innovation Management includes case studies of organizations that have adopted a systems approach to managing innovation efforts.

Learn more

Find links to the ISO 56000 family of standards and other resources, and download articles and book chapters.

Learn more

3. Implement

Implement an innovation management system

Identify your innovation capability strengths and weaknesses, prioritize actions, and build the management system suitable for your organization. Get certified based on ISO 56001, if preferred, and then continue to improve your innovation capabilities.

Implement an innovation management system

Get the assessment handbook

IMCA 2019 is an assessment tool for an organization to determine its level of maturity in terms of innovation management capabilities, published by SIS Swedish Institute for Standards.

Innovation management capabilities assessment
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Ready to get certified?

Your organization can be audited and certified based on ISO 56001 by an independent certification body if your innovation management system meets the standard's requirements. Use this checklist to see if you are ready.

Build innovation capabilities in your organization

Amplify can help you assess and build innovation capabilities in your organization, whether you want to prepare for certification or not.

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